Panipuri and its different flavours with diffrent names in India

“आमची मुंबई Wala Taste”

Panipuri and its different flavours with diffrent names in India

Pani puri, that beloved national snack, has many different names in different parts of the country. Whatever be the occasion, big or small, Pani puri is usually the answer. Although in most cases the recipe is almost the same, the slight change in ingredients gives the dish a new flavor. Let’s explore some of the most popular varieties of PANI PURI in India.

1.Mumbai Ki Pani Puri  


‘Pani puri’ is the most popular name for the snack in India. The can be found almost everywhere, from big restaurants to the streets vendors, from busy markets to the beaches replete with such stalls. Here the recipe is usually spicy and contains ‘boondi’. And while most people have their favorite Pani puri spots, a street food binge or a late-night date is incomplete without a visit to your favorite Pani puri wal.

2.Delhi Ke Golgappe


“Can we have a papdi please” is the usual chant for anybody after having a plate of golgappa in Delhi, papdi being a flattened version of the gol gappa. Almost every street corner is lined with stalls vending gol gappa, the local name for pani puri, in different parts of Delhi. Gol gappe is made from potato and white chickpea stuffing, chutney and tangy water. Visit popular markets in Chandni Chowk, Lajpat Nagar and some places in South Delhi for a genuine golgappa experience. Delhi’s famous chaat experience revolves around the delicious golgappas here.

3.Hyderabad Ke Gupchup


While the city is famous for its Hyderabadi biryani, it is also a hub of street food fanatics, with the tangy pani puri here, known as Gupchup, a hit with the crowd. The dish is so named because it fills your mouth with tasty water, leaving you speechless in more ways than one. Gupchup contains white peas, curd, onion, and chopped green chilies. Water is not always added; it depends on your taste. The dish is light to eat, and a shortcut to foodie heaven.

 4.Haryana- Pani Ke Patashe


Sukha patashe and extra imli water is your birthright and you should definitely ask for it. The snack is called ‘pani ke patashe’ in many parts of Haryana. The dish is similar to golgappa, with some extra tang for the adventurous Haryana crowds. Generally, the water for patashe is made of dry mangoes and lots of jira powder.

5.Gujarati Pakodi


Don’t confuse the name with the fried, greasy snack called pakodas or pakodi, pani puri is famous as pakodi in many parts of Gujarat. Pakodis are spicy and stuffed with sev (a savory snack), sweet chutney and sliced potatoes. The water contains heavy mint and paste of green chillies. Gujaratis are known for their massive sweet tooth, and the sweet chutney makes up for all that spicy filling.


UP ki chaat is renowned all over the country for its taste. In Lucknow, the cuisine’s spiritual center, pani ke batashe, called Paanch Swaad ke Batashe (Batashe with five tastes, in English), with 5 different types of water is omnipresent, with the most famous being the ones at Hazratganj. The water for patashi is made from dried mangoes, mint, rosted jira, imli paste and mint.